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Bust Out Your Best Dance Moves Playing Online Dancing Games!


Bust Out Your Best Dance Moves Playing Online Dancing Games!

Do you love to dance and just cant get it out of your system?I have a great idea for you! Bust a move with online Dancing Games!Dancing games are very entertaining, even if you are not a dancer!

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Do you want to be a high school cheerleader or are you a fan of high school cheerleaders? I’ve got a fun and addicting game for you called High School Cheerleader! In this dancing game, you are a hot cheerleader with even hotter techniques. After you choose your dancer, you must win over the crowds and the captain to make the cheerleading team. Once you make the squad, you are sent to the Megga-Hawtie Cheerleading Competition. You pull off sick dance moves by completing the correct button combinations. Watch the bar at the top and hit the button combinations at the precise time the arrows moves through your indicator. I thought this was a cool new addition to online dancing games.

Michael Jackson is the King of Pop and has developed some of the best dance techniques ever. If you are a fan of Michael Jackson, play Dancing with Michael! You embark on tour with Michael to cities in many countries. Mike has some amazing dance techniques! In this game, you notice the arrows move across the screen. Wait for the corresponding arrows to slide inside the “dance move box” to accomplish dance moves. Can you do the Moonwalk?

Dancing games are lots of fun and will keep you amused for several hours, well at least till your fingers become exhausted! So if you can’t wait around till Friday night to dance, take a look at some enjoyable dancing games online!

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