05 Reasons Why YouTube Marketing Is The Most Effective Form Of Video Marketing

With increasing competition among the growing number of business websites, there has been a drastic shift in online marketing practices. While pictures and images do still have a generous impact on the viewers, it is the quality of video content that grabs more eyeballs.

Using videos to market and promote a brand and its services have become a very successful marketing strategy. It improves website engagement enormously.

Why Is YouTube The Most Effective Form Of Video Marketing?

There are various online platforms for video marketing such as Facebook, Instagram, snap chat, HubSpot, etc. but YouTube is the most effective among them. Following are some of the reasons why:

1. Broader Range of Audience & Traffic

YouTube is the second- most popular search engine after Google and has over 1 billion users, spending millions of hours browsing and watching videos on it. Thus it has a more extensive range of potential viewers as compared to other social media websites.

2. The intention of Watching videos backlink

People visit YouTube intending to watch videos and generally don’t skip a video after clicking on it. Whereas on other websites, viewers have no prior intention of watching a marketing video. Thus they have a higher chance of skipping any video even before watching it.

3. Long- term Video Engagement

Most of the viewers on any website come on the very first day of uploading, whereas first day views on YouTube accounts for only 20% of the total views (or less). Thus there is a tremendous potential of your content attracting more audience in the future, and your video being evergreen on YouTube.

4. Creates Backlink

When you create appealing content, the viewers automatically click on your channel to know more. They are ultimately directed to your website if you have created a backlink for it on your channel’s description. Increasing your website’s traffic thus becomes incredibly feasible with high-grade video content.

5. Live- Streaming

Streaming live on YouTube has its benefits. Although this is one of the features available on other social media websites as well, such as facebook, but the live video gets exposed to a broader range of audiences on YouTube.

Types Of Videos Uploaded on YouTube

With all said about the advantages of YouTube videos, let us see some of the basic types of videos you can upload for YouTube Marketing:

1. Demo/ Trailer Videos:

When you start your new channel, the new subscribers need an ‘introduction’ of what your website does. These types of videos are also helpful later on for other new subscribers to your channel.

2. How- to/ Educational Video:

These videos explain your audience about the type of business you run and the services provided under it. These videos can be used by your service team to make the viewers understand your brand.

3. Case Study & Stats Videos:

Citing stats and numbers give more credibility to data. Creating videos about a case study of the current trends can make your company look more up-to-date and reliable. Sharing relevant data makes the audience feel that your company can provide the latest services required for them.

4. Customer Testimonials:

The best way to build a reliable reputation for your company is the positive feedbacks and video testimonials from your customers. It helps in gaining trust among the potential consumers, brings more traffic to your website, and increases your sales.

5. Q & A Videos:

Convert the Q&A that you conducted on your website into a video and post it on your YouTube channel. Giving helpful answers to the general questions will make people visit your website more in case of any inquiries.

6. Animated Videos:

Animated videos can easily explain the hard-to-grasp concepts. These videos contain visuals to explain any exceptional products or services. Thus, animated videos are of great help to the viewers.


Marketing on YouTube is one of the best ways to promote your website visually among a large number of audiences. YouTube is very popular as compared to other video websites due to a lot of reasons. You can create various types of videos for the growth of your website and increase its traffic.