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Dirty Sound Magnet – “Black Dog” (Led Zeppelin Cover)

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Dirty Sound Magnet – “Black Dog” (Led Zeppelin Cover)

Black Dog played by Dirty Sound Magnet (written by Led Zeppelin)

Bonus track from new album: Live Alert
All links to watch, listen and stream the new album: https://orcd.co/dsm_livealert

This video pays tribute to the band that has influenced us the most. More than the Hard Rocking side, what we like in Led Zeppelin is the musical richness and variety. The Led Zeppelin dynamics (light and shade) are part of our music. RIP John Bonham. Hope to meet the other three one day 🙂

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Produced by: Dirty Sound Magnet
Video by: Michaël Maillard
Mixed by: Léopold Schwaller
Mastering: Salt Mastering

Website – http://www.dirtysoundmagnet.com/
Facebook – https://bit.ly/30lbBxs
Instagram – https://bit.ly/2zaFswJ @dirtysoundmagnet
Spotify – https://spoti.fi/2Gga2XB
Bands in Town – https://bit.ly/2Zkv7gk
Bandcamp -https://bit.ly/2HvTVsU
Youtube – https://bit.ly/2zllWhn
Twitter – https://bit.ly/33OyefV

Dirty Sound Magnet is a psychedelic rock power trio from Fribourg, Switzerland. The band’s DNA can be traced back to the ancestral ‘Golden Age of Rock’ (60s, 70s), but it would be incorrect to think that DSM is…“retro”. The musicians are inspired by contemporary artists and modern production techniques; pushing the boundaries as they see fit. The results are personal, unique and original. Simply put: the Dirty Sound Magnet experience is a mystical journey back to the future…
In 2017, DSM released its first album Western Lies with Berlin-based label Noisolution. The results were instantaneous; with the band winning an award in the category of “best Swiss rock song” for their single ‘Homo Economicus’. Between 2017 and 2020 the band toured relentlessly, playing over 200 shows in various countries, including Switzerland, the UK, Germany, Holland, Belgium, France, Spain, Ireland, Austria, Italy, Hungary, and the Czech Republic.
2019 saw the release of their epic full album Transgenic. The album established the band as a leading force of the European psychedelic rock scene. In the midst of their giant tour promoting the album, Covid-19 arrived and Dirty Sound Magnet had to cancel the remaining shows of the tour. This hiatus from touring allowed the band to go back to basics and rehearse intensively. The experience gained from touring motivated them to produce a live session album named Live Alert that will be released in November 2020. The album showcases the band’s ability to improvise and the virtuosity of the trio.
During this highly productive period, Dirty Sound Magnet also recorded an ambitious studio album that will be released in 2021.

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