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Phoenix Web Developer – Helping You Understand Website Creation


Phoenix Web Developer – Helping You Understand Website Creation

If you are trying to launch a good website for your company and have entrusted the entire project to a Phoenix web developer, remember that your job does not end there. Having a basic knowledge about the processes involved in website development will increase your chances of choosing the best web design team. There are many web- based service providers around who charge ridiculously high rates for developing websites. Understanding the most basic aspects involved in the creation of a website will help you to communicate better with design professionals and judge if their pricing details are fair.

Initial Analysis Stage

No matter which Phoenix web development company you choose, this is the first stage involved in building a website. It includes analyzing all the details on the project using different techniques, such as e- mails, interactive meetings, questionnaires, and group discussions. The analysis will primarily cover the following aspects:

Targeted audience

Expectations of potential customers

Competitor companies

Marketing goals

Pricing details

The Documentation Phase

After examining all the factors discussed in the analysis stage, the Phoenix web developer tries to determine if the website creation is possible within the specified budget and timeline. The details of this appraisal are then documented and forwarded to the client.

To accurately assess these documents, the client must possess basic knowledge about web creation. By comparing the provided details with current market trends, the client decides to approve or discontinue the project. When a project has been approved, it moves on to the technical phase.

Technical Stages

Now, here is a look at the various technical processes that go into creating a website:

Web designing

Once the client has accepted the terms mentioned in the documents, Phoenix website designers will begin designing the website. Based on a chosen theme, these professionals determine the color scheme, layout, and images to be used. The sitemap for the site is also developed during this stage. The client can monitor the progress of design and offer suggestions.

Development and coding

This is definitely the most important stage of web design. The actual database design takes place in this phase. A Phoenix web developer will also handle communication with databases and oversee the writing of back-end code. The project is then forwarded to test engineers.


Test engineers handle this stage by testing the site for errors. If there are any faults, the developers will be informed about it. After rectification, the Phoenix web developer again forwards it to test engineers. This process continues until there are no errors detected. The final build is then presented to the client for approval.

Going live

If the client is happy and satisfied with the result, the website will go live. The client has to ensure that the chosen hosting company offers excellent customer support and complete security.


In this final stage, designers update the site with new content or with the latest technology that may be useful for users.

Although the processes of each Phoenix web developer may vary, the creation of a good website involves all these stages.

A Phoenix web development company can do it all-from creating a website to implementation and maintenance. A Phoenix web developer provides you with a comprehensive approach to generating revenue from websites.

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