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Pennan Brae – Wiggle (Official Lyric Music Video)

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Pennan Brae – Wiggle (Official Lyric Music Video)

Pennan Brae – Wiggle (Official Lyric Music Video)
‘Wiggle’ is the lead single off the ‘2 Below 0’ soundtrack. Please subscribe, share, like or leave a comment; thanks very much for your time in watching! Social Media & streaming links below.



‘Wiggle” was recorded, mixed & mastered at Blue Light Studio in Vancouver with producer Kaj Falch-Nielsen. Featuring Edward Whelan on drums, Kaj Falch-Nielsen on bass & Pennan Brae on guitar & vocals. Lyric Music Video by director Rob Fitzgerald of Hip Video Productions. The ‘2 Below 0’ album of 12 songs which accompanies the film of the same name streams below:




Cause I really want to know
If or not it’s time to go
I just want to make it flow
Get it lined up in a row

Cause I really want to see
If or not it is for me
Set the lock & turn the key
Start the countdown now on three

Come here & shake it
Really want to take it
Can’t seem to fake it
Would be a shame to waste it
Turn it & baste it
Really want to taste it
Lick it & paste it
Really want to make it

Come & embrace it
Get the nerves to face it
Frame & encase it
Just don’t go debase it
Sketch freehand trace it
Mind you don’t erase it
Get on & chase it
Just don’t go misplace it

Feels like the world is spinning around
As though my feet aren’t touching the ground
Watching the colours explode into sound
Second hand is coming unwound

Feels like my mind explodes into space
Accelerate at a slow-motion pace
Sketch a fine line without any trace
Everything just falls into place

Go & ignite it
Strike a match to light it
Come uninvited
You’re really gonna like it
Proceed despite it
Grin then bear & bite it
Wrong & then right it
You just got to fight it

Come on & sample
The supplies are ample
Roll out the gamble
Shake your sweet bojangles
Tempt it & dangle
Get on up & scramble
Ain’t gonna ramble
This is my preamble

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